Friday, June 02, 2006

The Ultimate Dealer Button

I don't know about your poker game, but in mine, we can never keep track of when the blinds go up. When the blinds do go up, we always have a "discussion" about what they are supposed to be. Sound familiar? Here is a good way to bring some order to your home poker game. The Ultimate Dealer Button is a similar concept to the DB Dealer Button. Like the DB Dealer Button, the Ultimate Dealer Button has a built in digital timer. But the Ultimate Dealer Button goes a step further. In addition to keeping track of how much time is left in each round, it keeps track of the sizes of the blinds and antes for you. No more arguing about how much they should be. We need one of these in our poker game! It is 3" in diameter so it will fit in your poker chip case. It looks pretty sweet and sure beats the heck out of the cheap plastic dealer button I'm using now.

You can pick one up for $29.95 @


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