Monday, May 22, 2006

The Man Cave

CosmoD is a member of Scott's Poker Table Forums and he has accomplished something that will make married men everywhere jealous. He has created what his wife likes to call "The Man Cave". We prefer to call it game room nirvana.

Cosmo's room features a custom made bar that he made from plans he purchased at He modified the plans slightly, but said they were "very much worth the $20 or $30 bucks." The base plans were for an "L" shaped bar, but the end result was more of a "J". Cosmo also says "the framing plans helped a lot."

Also in the man cave are a custom made racetrack poker table, a pool table, lot's of Redskins gear, and a couch in front of a large screen projection TV for watching said Redskins play. Truly a guy's paradise. But the ultimate finishing touch is in, of all places, the restroom. There he set up a urinal with a TV mounted in the wall above it. He's rigged it so that the TV plays whatever is on the big screen in the main room. I believe him when he says "you never miss a play".

More pictures of "The Man Cave"

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