Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Poker Table Drink Holders

Let's face it, if you are hosting poker night, your guests will need a place to rest their drink of choice in between sips. They can either set the drink directly on the felt of your brand new table, or you can give them a better place to set it that won't leave a mark. You have essentially three other options you can offer them: built-in drink holders, movable drink holders, or a side table.

Built-In drink holders are somehow affixed permanently to the table. Lackley tables have slide out drink holders. B&V Poker Tables have their drink holders built into the racetrack. Both of these options look great. Some other tables have holders built into the padded rail.

If you already have a poker table, but don't have built in drink holders, you can offer your guests drink holders that slide under the rail. If you've ever played blackjack in a casino, you have probably seen these. They aren't nearly as attractive an option, but they are functional.

Some of you may not be comfortable with the idea of drinks being on your table at all. Not everyone has a stain resistant playing surface like B&V offers. In the casinos they often offer a nice side table about 18" high for you to set your drink on. I've looked all over the web for one and can't find what I want. It's hard to even find something with the correct dimensions. The closest thing I've found is actually an outdoor deck table. If you know where I can find a nice side drink table like the ones in the casinos, please let me know.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Pokersides from Suited. You can find them at pokersidetables.com. These tables are the perfect height and design. We use them at our home games and they are great!

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